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Who is Brett Swarts?

✪ Helping Millionaires Build a Capital Gains Tax Exit Plan Using a Deferred Sales Trust

Founder, Capital Gains Tax Solutions

SUCCESS® Certified Coach

Best Selling Author ✪

Brett Swarts has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of real estate, business investments, and wealth management. As the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and a Deferred Sales Trust Trustee, he has passionately led a dedicated team in helping clients create and preserve wealth through strategic investments. His expertise in Deferred Sales Trusts, a potent capital gains tax deferral strategy, where he has successfully executed transactions exceeding $500 million in CRE brokerage and Deferred Sales Trusts. In addition to his client work, Brett hosts influential podcasts and is a best-selling author. His mission is to empower high-net-worth individuals and their advisors to craft and implement tax-deferred optimal timing exit plans that make a positive impact on their families and communities.

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