Get 10 Actual Crypto, Business or Real Estate Exit Case Studies From Successful Investors!

The Best Crypto Exit Plan For $1M+ Gains

Millions of Dollars For Our Clients...

…And How YOU Can Forever Eliminate the Need To Move To Puerto Rico or Giving Your Wealth to Charity.  

Use the Best Crypto Exit Plan to exit your million dollar plus crypto holding and defer your capital gains taxes while still having options to reinvest back into crypto or any other asset class. If you don't have $1M+ in gains, this is not for you.

I’ve personally closed over 1/2 Billion of Real Estate, Business, Or Crypto Exits involving 1031 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trust, Deferred Sales Trust and interviewed over 200+ top-performing Real Estate Investors, Crypto, and Entrepreneurs and found my FAVORITE high-performing capital gains tax exit planning tool, across all niches…

...and combined ALL the examples into ONE giant “ Best Crypto Exit Plan” service and course!

This Best 1031 Exit Plan

Millions of Dollars For Our Clients...

…And How YOU Can Forever Eliminate the Need To Move To Puerto Rico.

Use the Best Crypto Exit Plan to exit your million dollar plus crypto holding and defer your capital gains taxes while still having options to re invest back into crypto or any other asset class

I’ve personally closed over 1/2 Billion of Real Estate, Business, Or Crypto Exits involving 1031 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trust, Deferred Sales Trust and interviewed over 200+ top-performing Real Estate Investors, Crypto, and Entrepreneurs and found 5 of my FAVORITE high-performing capital gains tax exit planning tools, across all niches…

...and combined ALL the examples into ONE giant “ Best Crypto Exit Plan” service and course!

If I had known about this gosh, three years ago,

I probably would have saved a lot of tax on my own crypto stupidity and exiting too soon because I didn't know.

The Super Simple

Best Crypto Exit Plan for $1M+ Gains

That Changed My Life...

From the desk of Brett Swarts:

Dear Digital Currency Investor or Entrepreneur, 

I’m really excited because I want to show you a simple Best Crypto Exit Plan that recently deferred my personal clients and my strategic alliances over $50 Million in capital gains tax on the sale of either crypto, real estate or business exits.

The reason I want to show it to you is because I want you to know that this strategy is 100% legal, has a proven 27+ year track record: 1000's of transactions closed and 100% successful "no change & no findings" IRS audit record with over 25 cases. I want you to never feel trapped by capital gains tax or feeling like you need to move to Puerto Rico or just not sell when you want to diversify  your holdings so you can apply it to YOUR future exits as an investor or helping others who are doing this. So you don't feel like this friend of ours "If I had known about this gosh, three years ago, I probably would have saved a lot of tax on my own crypto stupidity and exiting too soon because I didn't. I didn't know. I literally didn't know. So that was a loss for me. But if I had known, I could have protected myself." 

But before I show it to you, let me take you back to the infamous 2008 real estate crash and the inspiration for The Best Crypto Exit Plan… that changed my business forever.

About 16 years ago, there was limited knowledge of a backup plan for a failed 1031 exchange.

Back then, Investors were deferring tax using a traditional 1031 exchange or a TIC (TENANT IN COMMON).

I don’t know if you remember, but 1031 exchanges were these mini-stress-filled moments during a sale where everyone would pull the fire alarm and every real estate broker would suddenly appear out of nowhere on your phone or at your office when you were selling.

Sometimes 3, 7, even 14 of these brokers with a “deal” would burst onto your phone.

This became overwhelming for sellers since 99% of the time they had only 45 days to Identify and 180 days to close on often only 3 properties. Many people complained in droves and many sellers decided not to 1031 for this reason or did 1031 reluctantly into a TIC or new investment property, paying too much for it and knowing they paid too much for it and often taking on debt that they did not want to take on just to satisfy the 1031 rules.  

And just like that, the 2008 market crashed and many sellers equity vanished...Does this sound familiar for you? You want to exit your million dollar plus crypto gain, however, you also are not ready to pay the capital gains tax? Then you waited too long and the 2022 crypto crash happened? Your coin you were holding to go to the moon, ending up back to where you had invested or close to it? 

Back to the 2008 market...And then something happened.

I attended one particular seminar while at Marcus & Millichap with some of the best investment real estate professionals in California, about an alternative to a 1031 exchange and it captured my attention. So I had to check it out further.

What I saw sounded too goo to be true . I thought to myself...

“I don’t get it... How is not everybody doing this.

What the heck?”

I started to think I was wrong about what I was hearing, but when I asked my CPA & tax attorney friend about it, he told me that...

...this strategy has closed

$100 Million


How is that possible? I don’t understand.

I couldn’t take the suspense. I HAD to know what on earth was behind the strategy and how it worked.

But there was problem.

See, I had just got my 100% commission real estate agent career started at Marcus & Millichap and was newly married.

And my wife and I had a baby girl on the way, and I was the only one working to bring in a income and I was on 100% commission sales which meant if I did not earn income quickly, we would need to move in with my brother in a small condo.

What newly married pregnant girl wouldn't want THAT?

Well, being newly married, I was scared to death to tell my wife about the latest 1031 exchange that did not work out.

I started stressing about having to get a new job at a bank that would be a fixed salary and not a lot of upside for my family. I wanted to know for the FUTURE OF MY FAMILY & MARKETING purposes how this new alternative to a 1031 strategy pulled in $100 Million a year…

But if I told my wife, she’d be like,

“Why do you need to change everything your you have learned about selling real estate from the #1 investment real estate brokerages in the country using a 1031 exchange when the market transactions are down?”

I stressed about this for a week until I finally got up the nerve to go all in with this new strategy.

Without batting an eye I said, 

“I think this has the chance to change the real estate 1031 world forever."

Nice. I just went against the grain of most of the Real Estate Broker and 1031 Culture & likely stressed my wife out even more

So I opted in, began studying the strategy, started calling investors and clients to discuss the new 1031 alterative strategy

What I saw and heard floored me.

It was just a

Installment Sale with a Trust. It was Known as a Deferred Sales Trust

Check these closed deals out: 

Is that all it Is?

That’s the 1031 exchange alternative some real estate agents are scrambling to get their hands on?

I STILL didn’t get how this thing was making $100 Million a year (or even $1000!)

This new ‘installment sale with a trust’ was plain and simple and forgettable.
And then I saw there was an offer to buy real estate any any time all tax deferred
. This meant I could help my clients buy low and sell high all tax deferred. This meant I could help all the sellers who lost half or all of their wealth in the 2008 crash. This mean I could add value in a way that would solve the core challenge most sellers face with their wealth plan: freedom and timing. 

I decided to check out what was going on. So I become securities licensed to sell Delaware Statutory Trusts and then became a Deferred Sales Trust trustee for this strategy.  That took me to the next season of growth and learning where there was more to uncover. So I dove into that.

And then I had a conversation about the strategy that show HOW to help my clients make even more money. 

AHA! This is SO COOL!

I get it.

I put everything under a microscope so I could fully understand what was happening and WHY it worked.  

I studied the Deferred Sales Trust and all the ways to make money with it for 2 solid years.

It took a bit for it to sink in, but it finally hit me that The Deferred Sales Trust was packed with…

  • ​Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Timing Freedom
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification
  • Save a 1031 exchange
  • Freedom from active ownership
  • ​Freedom to be active entrepreneur 
  • Debt Free Freedom
  • Estate Tax Elimination 
  • Partnership Freedom
  • Asset Class Investment Freedom
  • Works for any asset of any kind (includes digital currency)

So what I did was, I modeled The Deferred Sales Trust Strategy for MY business. 

I used it for my interest generator, proposal presentations, and as a way to unlock listings at the time…

And it worked…

for opening up relationships, new listing opportunities, and saving 1031 exchanges!

All I did was model the same Deferred Sales Trust framework and understand the timing of the strategy compared to the traditional 1031 exchange.

Value was increasing for my service to my clients.

It was like I struck gold for my clients when they no longer were forced into a 1031 . 

It Gets Better...

I built my Capital Gains Tax Solutions Business on it and I want to help you exit your multi million dollar crypto currency or any other million dollar asset using it as a primary plan or a back up plan . Or if your are crypto professional use it to grow your business.

In only the last few years , I executed the DST strategy and guess what? We closed over $500 Million of CRE, Crypto & DST transactions 
So get this…

The RESULT for me?... 

Over $500 Million in closed transactions ! 

Here’s the point of all this…

You can take any one of our client crypto success stories, 1031 exchange plans, investment portfolio inside The Best 1031 Exchange Plan

and model them for Your Exit or Your Client's Exit…

So you can start unlocking more freedom for your wealth, or diversify your wealth into real estate or buy back into digital currencies when the prices make more sense, all tax deferred.

Here’s the best part: 

It makes NO DIFFERENCE what you are selling as an investor or what niche, service, or profession you’re in, the best Crypto Exit plan works!

It works for

Real Estate

It works for


It works for


It works for those who own or broker:

  • Private Stock
  • Public Stock
  • Primary Homes
  • Franchises
  • Investment Real Estate
  • Individuals
  • Partnerships
  • LLC
  • C-Corp
  • S-Corp
  • Business 
  • Tech Companies
  • Professional Practice
  • Optometrist
  • Car Wash Business
  • Dental Practice
  • Crypto
  • ​NFT's
  • ​Jet's
  • Art Work
  • Captive Insurance
  • Carried Interest

...Plus countless other assets
Model any one of the Best Crypto Exit Plan Case Study...because they’re all generating freedom and wealth for our clients! 

Get My Entire 1031 Exit Plan for Only $1,997

Ready To End The “I wish I would have sold Bitcoin when it was $65,000 a coin” Struggle

Once And For All? 

With the Best Crypto Exit Plan Service, what you get is full service planning using a Deferred Sales Trust (Does not include the DST Trustee Service Should You Use the DST for your Exit), PDF copy of best selling book: Building a Capital Gains Tax Exit Plan, and online course compilation of the most successful partial 1031 exchanges, saved 1031 exchanges, business exits, crypto exits, and two DST 1031 exchanges, on the market today.

Collectively, these courses have generated tens of millions in deal flow… 

And millions in revenue.

Every type of exit or exchange you can imagine, from simple BTC, ETH, Real Estate, 1031 exchanges to Delaware 1031 exchanges, Deferred Sales Trust partial exchanges.
Watch me as I analyze, break down, and dissect Crypto Exits, 1031 exchanges, partial 1031 exchanges, saved 1031 exchanges, business exits, crypto exits, and two DST 1031 exchanges. I personally take you by the hand and SHOW YOU what makes a great1031 exit plan.

What’s more, you get the answers to all the questions above, and SO MUCH more.

No stone is left unturned.

​The Best Crypto Exit Plan

​The Best Crypto Exit Plan

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect inside the Best Crypto Exit Plan…

  • ​Turn the table of leverage. Stop begging your wife to move to Puerto Rico. Instead of feeling like you can't live where you really want to live, be in a posture of strength knowing with full confidence you have a plan to exit your positions when you want to exit.
  • See how to use a compelling sell high, buy low strategy to grab your financial plan by the horns where it can roam free in liquid investments until a crypto, real estate or business investment appears and you have no other choice but to buy it at a discount all tax deferred.
  • For Real Estate Agents or other business professionals attract in hordes of high net worth owners of crypto to invest their proceeds with you as your provide this one of a kind ‘Best Crypto Exit Plan'. (Your leads and clients will LOVE you for it!
  • ​​If you are selling real estate, eliminate the need for a 1031 exchange if you don't find a suitable property to buy, then Unlock your capital to work harder for you, with higher probability of increasing your cash flow with none of the headaches of managing toilets', trash and liability.
  • ​When selling investment real estate, understand how to use multiple DST's and regular 1031 to solve debt over basis challenges which are taxed as ordinary income. 
  • This “Find me an upleg and then I'll Sell” myth buster strategy captures leads attention and helps your convert into listings.
  • Want to help sellers unlock their crypto to invest into your fund or syndication or AUM as financial advisor ’THE RIGHT WAY' & so they don't run out of time for their exit (get this wrong and you’re toast)

  • Establish yourself as THE CAPITAL GAINS TAX EXIT EXPERT in your industry in no time flat and get your leads hanging on every word from the moment they answer your cold call (you’ll thank me for this one)
  • ​​See how to eliminate the 40% death tax that is never solved with a stepped up basis or 1031 swap until you drop plan. 

This Is

How It’s Done...

One of things I’ve learned over the years is to MODEL what’s already working. 

=There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when others have already paved the way for you.

 I can’t tell you how many crypto exits, 1031 exchanges I've saved for clients and how much revenue I’ve generated over the years from MODELING the exact same Best Crypto Exit Plan Sales Copy, Wealth Plans, and Marketing that are in the Best Crypto Exit Plan Service and Course.

Ok, I will tell you… MILLIONS!

And you can do the same.

It’s not magic.

The marketing and value principles inside this course work across ALL Asset Classes. Seriously, all you have to do is model just ONE of the Best Crypto Exit Plan and TEST it. Apply it to your business. 

It’s so easy. You can be up and running with a LIVE Best Crypto Eixt Plan and start your exit plan in less than 30 minutes!

Watch, Build, and Execute , that’s all you gotta do.

It’s the closest thing to me actually coming to your house, pointing a finger at any one of the exit plans, and saying… 
The Best Crypto Exit Plan is a big fat take-you-by-the-hand tutorial on modeling super simple capital gains exit plans.
My Crypto, CRE, 1031 and DST ‘geekiness’ has just become your Golden Goose.
All the heavy lifting has already been done for you.

“Do this one. I’ll be in the other room sipping water for 15 minutes, and when I come back in, your Crypto capital gains tax exit plan should be done.”  

Too Good

To Be True?

“You’re giving me ALL THAT for just 1,997 bucks? 

There’s gotta be a catch.”

The truth is, I’m eating my own cooking. 

This offer is part of a Best Crypto Exit Plan.
I’m being totally honest and transparent here.
And I want ALL my clients and customers to SUCCEED!

Why? Because I know that when you take me up on this offer, you’ll be a great client or referral source for more DST's. Meaning should you exit and use the DST, I will be paid there on a recurring basis. That's where I really make my profit and it's also how I can best serve you.

I’m delivering OVER THE TOP value…at least 10x more value than your $1,997 investment.

What impact would that have on your wealth or business?

How much capital gains tax could you defer for yourself or your new clients? Or how much Estate Tax Could You Eliminate?

All it takes is

ONE Best Crypto Exit Plan

to set you free. 

Remember, you’re just One Best Crypto Exit Plan Away!

To get started, just SCHEDULE A FREE CALL CONSULTATION with me and my team and COMPLETE THE FORMS to confirm your appointment with us.

Upon completion, you will gain instant access to video resources showcasing the
Best Crypto Exit Plan CLOSED DEAL STORIES, and other CRYPTO VIDEO CONTENTS. These videos will assist you in preparing for our call consultation, enabling you to kickstart your plan within minutes!

I hope you’re as excited as I am. I’ve personally witnessed the success of hundreds of investors and business professionals who take action with this plan.

This is where it all starts. Now it’s your turn.



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PS: Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 😊 

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, the smartest investors are those who not only excel in maximizing their returns but also in preserving their wealth from the significant impact of capital gains tax. If the thought of parting with a sizeable portion of your cryptocurrency wealth to taxes seems daunting, you're not alone.

Introducing Capital Gains Tax Solutions, where we specialize in empowering crypto millionaires and billionaires with strategic tax exit plans. Our Deferred Sales Trust (DST) is designed to help you defer capital gains tax, eliminate estate tax, and establish a wealth plan that grants you the freedom to diversify and invest in real estate, other cryptocurrencies, or businesses—all tax-deferred.

Why Puerto Rico Isn't Your Only Option:

- Diversification & Liquidity: Safeguard your wealth by diversifying your investments while maintaining liquidity.

- Optimal Timing: Capitalize on market highs and lows by selling and reinvesting at the most opportune times.

- Tax Flow Benefits: Utilize depreciation to offset cash flow, increasing your net income annually.

Why Optimal Timing Matters:

- Sell High, Buy Low: Maximize your profits by selling at peak value and waiting for the right moment to diversify or reinvest.

- Real Estate as a Complement to Crypto Wealth: A strategic real estate plan can amplify your digital currency wealth plan, providing a tangible asset against inflation and a steady cash flow through tax flow advantages.

Our deep understanding of both the cryptocurrency and real estate markets positions us uniquely to guide you through integrating these two powerful investment channels seamlessly.

So what do you get with us? 

You get
The Best Crypto Exit Plan Online Course (instant access), where I analyze and dissect 10 of the most successful and profitable Crypto & Real Estate Exits, Saved 1031 Exchanges, Deferred Sales Trust , Two DST partial 1031, Delaware 1031 Exchanges, business exits, and how to complete a "triple": DST, Delaware 1031, and regular 1031 exchange.

I also show you step by step how to get started creating your own Best Crypto Exit Plan so you sell when you want to. Just click the button above right now to get started! 

​​​Turn the table of leverage. Stop begging the market to come back and your spouse to move to Puerto Rico . Instead of feeling like you can't live where you want to live or not sell due to HUGE capital gains tax or that you are running out out of time, be in a posture of strength knowing with full confidence you have a exit plan in case you want to sell now.

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